Controller retrofit of Bekum BM08

Controller retrofit of Bekum BM08 with wall thickness regulation and bottle verification


There are almost no more replacement parts available for the originally installed Philips PLC. The Bekum or Bosch amplifier cards used for the servo-valves are also difficult to obtain. Parts available on the market and used parts are very expensive and their lifespan is not predictable.


The requirement of our customer was to make their installation functional again for the next years from the point of view of control, thanks to this retrofit. A high reliability is crucial to them.
In order to arrange for a cheap retrofit, it was agreed to install the new PLC in the available electrical cabinet and to integrate the still up-to-date controller components.


In particular the hydraulic proportional valves with their obsolete and vulnerable amplifiers are to be updated to the state-of-the-art. Compatible current servo-valves with integrated amplifiers were determined in collaboration with the Bosch Rexroth company. This now allows for the servo-valve to be directly controlled from the PLC. Additional amplifier cards are now superfluous.

The existing Steffes RQ-system bottle verification device with separate Siemens S5 control was consequently also integrated into the new Beckhoff PLC. The bottle sealing verification can now be comfortably operated from the attached 12 inch touch-panel on a carrying arm, same as for all other machine parameters. The servo-hydraulic Moog WBK with Linotast is also controlled by a new amplifier such that the elaborate component group may also be dispensed with.


During commissioning, one of the customer's employees was trained on the functions of the installation and the operation of the new controller in a targeted manner. In this way, it was possible for us to directly react to further desires and integrate functions that the old controller did not allow for directly on site.

Pictures of the conversion - SIG BLOWTEC SB8

  • Schaltschrank-vor-Retrofit-Bekum-BM08-600
  • Schaltschrank-nach-Retrofit-Bekum-BM08-600
  • Steffes-RQ-System-Retrofit-Bekum-BM08-600
  • Ventile-Retrofit-Bekum-BM08-600
  • Retrofit-Bekum-BM08-600
  • Diagnose-Retrofit-Bekum-BM08-800